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Dr. D Aram is a Consultant Physician with about 15 years' experience, practising at Dhanushkodi Hospital in Sattur, which is in the Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu. Dr. Aram specialises in treating patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardiac Diseases. He is also an expert in Toxicology. Dr. Aram has an MBBS degree, and is also an MD in General Medicine. In addition he has done Certificate Courses in Echocardiography, Toxicology and Critical Care, from the Indian Medical Association; and in Diabetes Mellitus from MV Hospital for Diabetes.

Dhanushkodi Hospital is widely recognized as a one of the leading Healthcare provider in Tamilnadu. With proven expertise and experience in healthcare, we have helped heal consumers. Our focus on consumer health, safety and infection control has helped us deliver top quality clinical outcomes consistently. Dhanushkodi Hospital is widely respected as the safest and healthiest birthing locations.

Patient’s comfort is our utmost concern. We aims at providing standard health care with our world class facilities and infrastructure. Our state of art equipped technology and well qualified doctors and nurse practitioners contribute to the success of the institution by providing maximum care and support to the patients. Today we provide services in various branches of medicine and surgery with our well equiped hospital situated at Sattur, Tamilnadu, india.

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