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Facility with us...

Facilities for all medical services right from general counseling or chalking out of a dietary plan to surgeriesof acute and most complicated cases are available in Dhanushkodi Hospital. Our functioning methodology lays emphasis in giving medical service with a more streamlined approach in a wholesome manner. We offer 24 hours availability of highly qualified staff with latest technology in hand or even its spacious homely premises.

Patient’s comfort is our utmost concern. At the premises of Dhanushkodi Hospital, visiting one would find it spacious with broad corridors, well lit with enough sunlight and proper cross ventilation thus cheering the atmosphere of the hospital. Having marbled flooring and broad elevators for accommodating the stretcher along with accomplices of the patient and suitable layout of the premises with multiple entry points, all makes wheeling of the patient easy and convenient.

Our core strength of highly qualified doctors and other staff makes it reliable to attend to any emergency round the clock. Most suitable procedures can be deployed through latest technology by qualified staff, well versed with the intricate and fine operability of the advanced machines. Latest machines such as those of all kinds for various tests in laboratory, in heart monitoring and surgery, scan facility and much more give an edge for best medical service. With caring hands and smiling faces the patient sense warmth of assurance, itself a healing effect and above all a sense of possessiveness.

Emergency Service

✼ Intensive Care Unit

✼ Operation Theatre

✼ Photo Theraphy

✼ Computed Radiography / CT scan

✼ Ultrasound / 4D Scan

✼ 24 Hours Laboratory

✼ C-ARM Facility

✼ Neuro lab / EEG

✼ Echocardiogram / Treadmill Test

✼ Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

✼ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

✼ Dietary

✼ Parent craft / Counselling

✼ Physiotherapy

✼ Insurance / Cashless service

✼ 24 Hours Pharmacy Service

✼ HOLTER Study Facility

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